Extensis PhotoFrame

Extensis PhotoFrame 2.5

design unlimited image borders & frames in Photoshop
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Extensis PhotoFrame unleashes your creativity to design unlimited high-quality image borders and frames for your images. PhotoFrame includes over 2000+ professionally designed natural and digital frames that you can combine and customize to create countless border possibilities. Experiment with edge effects, colors, blend modes, shadows, textures, bevels and much more to discover the perfect border for your photos. Combine and customize the included frames or create your own original frame, easily adjust its color, opacity and more, distort its edge with multiple effects, and add special effects such as shadows and glows to create unique image frames. Create your own custom image frames and edge effects interactively with Instant Frame and Instant Edge. Save your custom frames to use again and apply immediately from Photoshop. Use multiple edge effects to distort your frames for further creative possibilities. PhotoFrame encourages creativity through an interface that lets you experiment to discover the perfect results. Real-time previews and interactive controls let you design as you go while your frame is processed in the background.

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